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Frequently asked questions

What are the starting dates for school next year?

Start dates will be published and communicated to parents when The Department of Education confirms dates. Start times will be staggered for the first day of school. The following school day all students will begin at 9.15. Please keep in mind these classes may change slightly and you will be notified if your child is joining another class.


When will we find out our Best Start times?

Best Start times will be sent to families by the end of the year. Best Start is held during the first four days of the school year. Students come to the school for approximately 40 minutes. We ask that parents stay on the school grounds during this time. There is a short information video on our website under the tab Coming to School.


 How do we purchase uniforms?

The school's Uniform Shop is run by Pearl Pacific. 

The Uniform shop is open every Monday from 8.30am-10am and Wednesday from 2.30-3pm.

You can also order uniforms online via this link

Second-hand uniforms can be purchased through the website at or by emailing with your uniform request.


What shoes should our child wear?

Black joggers that are comfortable to wear all day are recommended. We have daily fitness so students will be running around every day.


What are the coloured shirts available for purchase?

The coloured shirts are part of the school’s sport uniform. The school has four sporting teams and each team is identified through the colours blue, red, yellow or green. You will find out your child’s sport group early next year. If you wish to purchase a sport shirt you can.


Do we have to purchase the school’s bags?

No, any pack back that fits your child’s lunch box and jumper is fine.


How can we help our child to make new friends?

Networking with other families is important. Sometimes it can be as easy as visiting local parks and playing with children who are also starting school. Speaking with your child’s preschool can also be a way to find out other students who are coming to our school.

Teachers also program many opportunities for social interaction in their classroom and across the grade.

Becoming a part of the P&C is a way for families to network and become involved in the school community.


What are the classes for next year?

At this stage we are planning for four Kindergarten classes, however this may change.


What stationery do we need to purchase?

All books, pencils and stationery needs are supplied by the school. You may be asked to donate tissues, glue sticks and pump soap for classroom supplies. This will depend on your child’s teacher.


What food do we pack?

Students eat a small snack at around 10.30am. This is called Crunch and Sip. Food eaten at this time is fresh fruit or vegetables and water. It should be packed in a small container separately from their lunch. The students eat their lunch at 11.15am and recess at 1.15pm.

Ensure your child can open their lunchbox - ones with the lid attached make it easier for young children to pack up.


What can we expect on the first day?

You will be given a starting time for your child and the colour of the classroom they will be going to. The times for the first day are staggered. The teacher will greet you at the door. A quick goodbye and then your child is taken into the classroom. We ask that parents do not come into the classroom. In the classroom there will be two adults to help settle children into the room. It’s a good idea to prepare your child for saying goodbye.

At 3.00pm, Kindergarten students are collected from the back of the classrooms. The yellow classroom students are collected from the hall side of their room. We ask that you don’t peek in the windows. We find it is often excited grandparents who do this and it can be very disruptive if a child spots a family member. The students will be dismissed individually from the back door for the first few weeks, just a safety precaution.

On the second day of school, everyone starts at 9.15. The students place their bags outside their room (the teachers will tell them the day before) and they line up, ready to go into school. The playground behind the Kindergarten classrooms is out of bounds in the morning.