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Parliament Session Term 2 2018

Parliament Sitting Term 2 2018

 Prime Minister banner

Hi everyone I'm the Prime Minister Sophia G and I would like to welcome you to the parliament session.

Anzac Day assembly.ANZAC Day

A couple of weeks ago 4TK and KDT hosted the special Anzac Day assembly I'd like to thank you very much on behalf of all the students and teaches at Summer hill.  It was an amazing assembly.

When Year 6 went on camp we visited the war memorial and saw the thousands of poppies symbolising all the people who died in the war.

We also saw explosive detection dogs that were sent into war to check for bombs, a lot of them were hurt in the war and lots of them died. We learnt about so many brave men and women and the difficult conditions that they had to endure during the many wars our Australians have fought.

Mothers Day

We also recently had our special Mother's day celebration. Thank you to the P&C, the dad's, partners and volunteers who helped cook the breakfast, the sponsors for the raffle prizes and the Training Band for playing some great music. We hope all the mums and special adults in your lives had a great breakfast.

Camp Quality


In week 4, the K- 4 students saw a presentation about how to support children with cancer. It was a great puppet show and the students asked many questions.

We hope you have gained more of an understanding about the experiences for many children, and their families, who have gone through cancer and treatment.

Deputy Prime MinisterOpera House performers

Good afternoon everyone. I am Chloe O, your Deputy Prime Minister for 2018.

Congratulations to all performers who played at the Opera House last Sunday and last Monday during the String and Recorder concerts. I was there at the performance and it was amazing. You all played wonderfully.

Special congratulations to Dechen, who is part of the state recorder group and who played both the cello and the recorder at the Sunday performance, and to Howe, who is part of the state wind ensemble. You were all so amazing and talented and to play on the famous Opera House stage is an enormous feat. Once again, congratulations to all who played at the Opera House.

Reconciliation Week

Thank you to 3SG for their wonderful assembly honoring Sorry Day and apologising to the stolen generation. (Sorry Day - video by 3SG)

This week is reconciliation week, a time to learn about the shared history between Aboriginal people and other Australians.

Watch out for 3JM's reconciliation week assembly coming up soon. Reconciliation week is a fantastic opportunity to say sorry, but to learn from our mistakes and build our future.

That is all from me today. Thank you.

Minister for WelfareCamp behaviour report



Hi I'm Mataya C this year's Minister for Welfare now, here's the welfare report.

Camp behaviour: as you may know Year 4 and 6 recently went on their school camps. Before camp we all talked about behavior. One of the most crucial reasons for the important behavior rules is the welfare aspect. As your Welfare Minister, I would like to remind you that when you behave respectfully, responsibly and with resilience it positively affects everyone's welfare.

Teachers sleep better, camp or museum guides are more relaxed. Your mates all have fun, are calm and everyone has an enjoyable time, free of stress.


Gratitude and generosity.

We want to keep that great reputation for our school so Year 5, we hope and really do expect from you the same great behaviour. Year 5, remember the 3 R's and the 5 B's and look out for each other. We hope you have a great time.

These teachers selflessly give up their time to be with you and prepare and plan for these events. They don't get paid extra.  I would like this to be a jog to your memory, have you remembered to thank them yet? More than once? so give these amazing teachers a huge round of applause please.


Now here are some reminders, the first one is about motions. Motions should be something that you think should change in the school, for the good of all students and staff if possible, they are not about something you want. If possible, motions should not have to cost the school money. An example of a great motion is that we should change around the playground dates. A bad example is the school should provide water in every classroom. 

The next reminder is about previous motions that you voted for. Last year we agreed that the school should provide sunscreen and hats so we went ahead and did that. The school provided sunscreen they paid for and found spare hats, but you did not return any, you lost all of them. Now, we have once again, found some more but you have to return them please. These are placed on hooks near the staff room door each day as you can see in the photo. Please feel free to borrow them but they must be returned. If you lose all of them were not buying any more so be careful to take good care of them. In summer we will once again put out sunscreen for your use, so please look out for that as well. Before I go I would like to present some up stander awards. I would like to ask the Minister for Justice, Max M to help me present awards. Well done, it's great to see all these wonderful up standers in our school. That is all from me today Summer Hill. As always, I ask you to take care of one another's kind and caring remember the 3R's thank you.

Minister for TechnologyBuddy classes working with ipads.

Good afternoon students, parents and teachers. I am your Minister for Technology and here is the technology report.

This term, Stage 1 has been doing work with technology. Here are a few pictures of Stage 1 working with the school Ipads and doing some really cool and unusual stuff with them. They are doing some quite peculiar things, for example, the middle picture shows the infants using telephones connected to their Ipads. There is some microscopes using the camera, a desk you can write on and a whole lot more. Their older buddies from years 5 and 6 have been helping them with all this astounding work. Great work everyone.

New cool laptops.This years technology.

New laptops have arrived in the library just a few weeks ago.

These laptops are advanced, with the power of being folded 360 degrees so they can be makeshift ipads as well as laptops. Being red in colour, a lot more of these computers will be ordered for the school thanks to the department of education.

They work very well and will be available to a specific grade when all the laptops have come. This is exciting news for the school and I'm sure these laptops will function greatly.

As you may have seen to all those who frequently visit the library, there has been many changes that have been introduced this Term. For one, the new ActivPanel smart system that acts almost like an Ipad or computer and enables you to do basically anything you want with it. Definitely an improvement from the one we had last term. The library teachers will be using this new smart system for their lessons when it comes to using the internet. We also have 2 new ipads covered in a metal casing. They will be available to everyone once the system has been set up on them. You will be able to browse from the hundreds of books from the library instead of having to use the computers that we currently use. For now, I suggest that you do not touch those Ipads or take any pictures of anything with them, as the photo app is accessible from the front screen. Please do not unplug or for a matter of fact even touch the chargers for several negative reasons. Anyway, I have one thing to say for Summer Hill Public School, the technology this year is amazing! Thank you.

Minister for EnvironmentTerracycle recycling program.

Our school is being registered for Terracycle. Now you might be thinking Terrawhat? But trust me, you will want to remember this name. Terracycle is a big recycling program that is recycling stuff like toothbrushes, and toothpaste tubes. So exactly what we have registered for is a competition of bringing in dental containers and toothbrushes that will count towards the big prize of three garden beds, two custom made benches, one special rubbish bin and a massive Bunnings gift card of five hundred dollars! This is not just about the prize though. In America alone, 850 Million toothbrushes are placed into landfill every single year! That does not even include all the other countries or toothpaste tubes. So if you have some spare toothbrushes or toothpaste tubes, don't forget to pop them in a box like this. The things that you can put in that box are, floss containers, toothbrushes, toothbrush and toothpaste tube packaging and toothpaste tubes and caps.

Teachers sustainability course.

On staff development day, you know it as pupil free day, our teachers did a course about sustainability in the classroom. This taught our teachers… that's right even our teachers are taught stuff... about how and where sustainability is in our curriculum and more. So if you like going bird watching or learning outdoors, we hope that you enjoy learning about sustainability outside of the classroom, as much as our teachers.

World Environment Day


On Tuesday, 5 June, it is a very special day, World Environment Day! The theme for this year's World Environment Day is, beating plastic pollution. Here is a very sad fact. 8 million tonnes of plastic waste is dumped into the ocean every single year. That is the weight of about 3 million elephants! On this day, it would be great if you could bring a waste free lunchbox to help support the environment. There will also be a fascinating documentary about the ocean playing in the library. If you want to do your part outside of the school, you can also collect bottles and bring them to collection points around NSW. The nearest one to us is at Addison road Marrickville. You also get a 10-cent refund when you recycle a container! Now for a happy fact. Since the start of this year, there has been close to 400 million containers put into these return and earn collection points. Anyway, now that we can end it on a high note, time to end up my speech. Thank you!

Minister for Arts and CultureSchool music concerts

Hello everyone I'm Pamela L your minister for Arts and Culture as you might already know and here is your arts and culture report!

First, I'd like to start off with congratulating the people who participated in the woodwind and recorder concert here at Summer Hill, last week. You did very well and did our school proud. Soon there will be some additional upcoming school concerts. Here is when they are on. Thursday 7th of June is the strings concert. And Thursday the 14th of June is brass and percussion concert. GOOD LUCK TO ALL PERFORMERS.

3MA's perspective artwork.

3MA have been working on perspective art.  They have drawn a long road with some big mountains and white, puffy clouds in the distance. The perspective art has lots of colour and let us all wondering what we will see if we follow along the very long road. They used pencils and markers, which turned out really well. Good job 3MA.

3OB's Tigers


3OB have been working on some bright orange tigers using paint for the background and oil pastel for the details. They first painted the background waited a day then they drew the tiger which looks cool. The tigers are eye catching with all the bright colors and details. The tigers have black zigzag stripes and bits of yellow on the art. The tigers have bright and cool eyes and it makes the tigers look awesome.

Terrific job 3OB, they look so cool.

4NA'S art based on famous artist's.

4NA have been learning about famous artists and inspired by the artist's art and have made it into their own. They learnt a bit about Van Gogh and Picasso .For the artworks they used oil pastel, which turned out great. The flowers drawn, were inspired by Van Gogh and the faces were inspired by Picasso. The flowers look beautiful and the faces are amazing good job 4NA.



4/5FD have done some mannequin art. They have customized the shape of the mannequin and have drawn the shape of the mannequin. The first step is to draw the mannequin in a shape as you can see, then they add some details and take out the joints so it looks more realistic, next they color it in. 4/5FD used pencils and markers and it looks very cool. Good job 4/5FD they look awesome. Thank you that's all I have for today!

Minister for SportCross Country

Callum C - Minister for Sport

On the 1st of April, not only was it the first day back for students , but the annual Summer Hill Cross Country took place. What a way to start the Term, sunshine, fresh air and a hard workout!

There were smiles all round as students cheered on by their friends whilst crossing the finish line. Afterwards, students were lucky enough to cheer on their peers and eat cake; thanks to the year 6 delicious fundraiser, cake stalls.

Thank you to all the teachers for making the day complete, safe and an enjoyable experience for everyone. From Miss Ma being a wonderful MC and leaving no one to wonder what was going to happen next, to Mr Williams walking the track countless times to set up, support students and pack up, and Mr Kay on the starter gun, THANK YOU! To all the amazing course marshals supporting and looking after our students on the track, our lead runners, judges, recorders and crowd controllers, thank you house captains for cheering on your teams. THANK YOU for all of your support and hard work, it could not have happened without each one of you!

Do not cheat.


Unfortunately, some people have been cheating with our house tokens.

Please show Respect and Responsibility when collecting house tokens. This system is for all of us. The House captains and staff work hard to find ways to encourage us. Please keep it fair, fun and safe for all to want to participate in.

 Year 4 sports camp.Year 5 sports camp.

This term, Year Four have been to Narrabeen for a day sport camp. We hope you had fun!  In week 6, Year 5 will be going to the Great Aussie bush camp next week for two nights. Have fun on the giant swing and in the mud run. All students, I encourage you to participate in every sport and recreation activity you are invited to try at all of these camps!

Zone cross country team.Cross country place getters.

On Wednesday the 23rd of May, a team of Summer Hill students went to the Zone Cross Country to compete. The whole team performed brilliantly. Special mention to Julia, Freddy and Rebecca for first places. Extra special to Claudia, Alan, Kohen, Charlotte, Grace and Zoe for getting potential spots in the Regional team!

Minister for CommunicationWalk to school day.

Hi, as you may know my name is Grace G and I am Minister for Communication. I will give you your Communication report!

A couple of weeks ago we had Walk To School Day! Great job to anyone who participated, keep up the hard work our environment will benefit due to lack of petrol usage!  Thanks.

Camp highlights.

Welcome back Year 4. On Tuesday Year 4 went to Narrabeen for their Sporty day camp. They had an amazing time doing archery, team games and a three hour bush walk which involved learning how to light a fire and cook damper on a stick..

Next week Year 5 will be going off to the great Aussie bush camp! Good luck to all the teachers and Everybody and Have fun!

Year 6 camp.


In week 2 Year 6 went to the cold but fun Canberra for Camp! It was an exciting, educational and Photographic trip! We went to so many places I could not believe we fitted it all in.

One of the places we went to was Questacon, for those of you who do not Know what Questacon is, it is a fun and interactive Science museum.

At Parliament House some classes were lucky enough to meet with Anthony Albanese and Pauline Hanson. We also saw Parliament sittings in action which is what we are doing now!

Overall, it was a great trip and we learnt a lot.Also thank you teachers. That's all from me today thank you. 

Minister for Education.Canberra

Hi, I'm Samuel H, the Minister for Education. My job is to report on all the education achievements and things you need to know. I hope you enjoy my speech.

In Week 2 Term 2 Year 6 headed off to Canberra. As your Education Minister I would like to let you know a few of the things we learned. We also met our local politicians and had an amazing time at lots of different locations. On this trip we saw lots of different Australian icons in the nation's capital city. We saw lots of stuff from the science, parliamentary and historic genres. All up we had an amazing time, here's what we learnt in Canberra.

Highlight from CanberraParliament House Canberra


On Camp we went to Questacon. We saw lots of stuff. How electricity works and about how different chemicals mix to make our atmosphere. We also learnt about zero gravity through virtual reality. We also learnt about coding through robot, as you can see above.

Then we learnt about the flow of water. Different systems of pumps can affect the flow of water. We learnt how much water is salt in the world (90%). We also went to the vertical slide and the game room where we went on the slide and did many more activities. Then we went to the gift shop.

As we all know, Canberra is where Parliament House is, and in Parliament House there are the people who run the country (the parliamentarians). So in Canberra we saw lots about voting, parliament and even saw some of our representatives in action, arguing about important issues for our country. We all went to Old parliament house, which is where parliament used to sit, but it is now the Museum of Australian Democracy. We learnt how at different times who was in charge, where they sat, and what they wore. We learnt what a bill was and who was what in parliament. We also went to the AEC the Australian

Electoral Commission. Where we learnt about voting and how to vote. We even had a mini election. Then we went to the parliament house where we watch parliament sit from above, went on the roof or the building and role played what it would be like to be in parliament. Then we had recess, met our local politician, Anthony Albanese, and then left. That is what we learnt.

More from Parliament Hose Canberra.Sights from Canberra


On camp, we went to the National Exhibition Centre and learnt about the history of the city of Canberra and how it was designed. We learnt who designed it and what their goal was and we also saw all the other top 4 designs. We learnt about the lake and how the site that Canberra is on now was found and who found it and what they wanted the site to be like. We also went to the aboriginal tent embassy where we met an aboriginal elder who talked to us about how the site was founded and who founded it and how parliament tried to force them off the site but there was no law against it so they stayed. We sat around a fire that had been burning for 54 years and the elder answered all our questions about the site and about his views on the apology to the aboriginal people.


Minister for Justice.Play equipment roster.


As your Justice Minister, I am always on the lookout for anything that you may find unfair.

I would like to announce that we took the suggestion one of our senior students made to PRC, about changing the play equipment roster to make it fairer for stage 3, straight to the staff. We did not bother having a debate because everyone agreed that fair access to play equipment for ALL age groups at Summer Hill was fair. Stage 3 usually miss their chance to swing like monkeys because many of them are at PSSA on a Friday.  It is now over to Mr. Kay to have the time to re-jig the roster to make that happen for us. Thank you Mr. Kay!!

Sorry Day


Last Saturday was Sorry Day. As you know National Sorry Day is the day we say sorry to the stolen generation and say sorry for how mistreated Aboriginal people were.

As Kevin Rudd himself said, in his Sorry speech:

"That today we honour the Indigenous peoples of this land, the oldest continuing cultures in human history."

"For the pain, suffering and hurt of these Stolen Generations, their descendants and for their families left behind, we say sorry.

To the mothers and the fathers, the brothers and the sisters, for the breaking up of families and communities, we say sorry.

And for the indignity … inflicted on a proud people and a proud culture, we say sorry."

…I am sure we ALL agree that we want to come together and build  the better future he described for our country, with these words...         

"A future based on mutual respect, mutual resolve and mutual responsibility.

A future where all Australians, whatever their origins, are truly equal partners, with equal opportunities and with an equal stake in shaping the next chapter in the history of this great country, Australia."


Normally it would now be time for us to hear and vote for a motion that has been put to the Parliamentary Representative Council, but we do not have any motions to debate today.

There are no motions being debated today due to the fact that most motions brought to the Parliamentary Representative Council involve money to make them happen, or are just so good that they have to be taken straight to the teachers. We are happy to do fundraising but we realise that it is not practical to ask you to bring in a gold coin every week.

Although we will not be debating anything today, I will be informing you about the recent motions passed. The last motion that was debated and passed was for plants to be provided for classrooms and balconies. After much discussion, the PRC decided that the best way to acquire these plants was to ask the class parents to help us with donations. The PRC spent a whole lunchtime writing letters to the class parents asking for their help with this motion.

Soon your class parent will be asking your parents for donations of plants that are already in a pot and that do not give off pollen or a strong smell.

The important thing is that we must all allow respect for our school environment and look after our outdoor gardens we already have by not running through them, as this can ruin the plants. Remember that when we have these plants because we asked for them in our classrooms you have to be responsible and look after them, after all, it was not your teachers who passed this motion, it was you, so you people should be the ones who are looking after them.

That's all from me today. 

Thank you.