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Parliament Session Term 1 2018

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Term 1 Minister Reports

Tiger title page for Prime Minister report.


Hello I'm the prime minister Sophia G, Chloe O, Our Deputy Prime minister and I are responsible for the following areas: 

  • We help Coordinate and run meetings.
  • Hold frequent meetings with ministers to plan parliament .
  • Communicate with ministers and assist.
  • Talk with Principal, staff and P&C.
  • Organise newsletter reports.
  • Write letters and meet with external groups.
  • Assist students, Like you so if you need help you can come to Chloe or I.

I look forward to meeting you all around the playground and meeting your class PRC representative at PRC meetings and hearing some great ideas that we can make happen.



What is a parliament session?

At Summer Hill we will be meeting at these parliament session, once or twice a term to share important events that have occurred at our school, celebrate any student or teacher successes, hear reports from our various ministers and debates that will allow you to vote on any issues that are important to you. The main purpose here at these parliament meetings is to give the students at SHPS a voice. We want to know what's important to you. We would like you to take these Parliament meetings seriously, by listening and participating respectfully. The ministers have spent a lot of time preparing their reports and debates and working on your behalf. 

Thank you to those of you who have already sent motions to the PRC that you would like heard.

Tree by the lake reflected at dusk.


I would like to reflect now on what an amazing term we have already had. We have had lots of fun and have done so many things like the swimming carnival, science incursions, a hat parade, harmony day picnics as well as Got game and Mindfulness lessons. Many of us have participated in PSSA and back at school sport. In class we have all chosen some goals to work on, sat through several assessment's and so much more. 

I'd like to thank the students who tried hard and gave it their best and the teachers for supporting them and organising all of these amazing events.Can you give yourself and the teaches a round of applause.


Patterned title page for Happy Easter banner.


Happy Easter. Last weekend we had four days off. Many of us, who are Christians, celebrated Easter, and many of us will have just enjoyed the time with families. Whichever group you belong to, I hope it was joyful for you. For those who celebrate Orthodox Easter I hope that tomorrow is a special day for you. Thank you teachers and students.


Deputy Prime Minister Chloe O


Good morning, I am your deputy prime minister Chloe O. You heard about my role in supporting our PM and all of the Ministers. I am looking forward to a very busy, exciting and fulfilling year.

Think bubble containing cat and duck head scraychi


In S.H.P.S we have something called a motion sheet. These let you express your ideas about how to improve the school. I will show you what one looks like and explain how to use it later on. At Summer Hill we value the students ideas greatly and try to make everybody's voice heard. We listen to all ideas and always consider them. With most ideas we try our hardest to make them a reality. But you can't express your ideas without knowing how, so I will now explain that to you.

Sample motion sheet for students.

Here is an example of a motion sheet. As I've said, this piece of paper is your chance to make your ideas reality in our school. 

Your motion sheet should have your idea, why it should be included in our school and it also has to have two names, the person who suggested it (you), and the person who seconded it (a friend or classmate who likes your idea). Then your motion will be taken to a PRC meeting where we will discuss it and it will be either passed and considered for a debate, or it will not be passed and unfortunately your motion will not be debated. Sometimes, though, your motion is so good like the one on the board it will be taken straight to the teachers. If your idea is passed and chosen to be debated, there will be two ministers debating it. One will point out the good aspects of your idea, the other will point out the flaws .After the debate you, the students, will vote on the motion. If enough people vote for it, it will be implemented in the school. Sometimes your motion won't make it through to the debate and that's OK, you just need to be resilient and try again next time.Use the time to improve your idea, and maybe it will get passed. And that is how a motion works. 

Now that you all know how to use the motion sheet, we hope you start filling them in with all your brilliant ideas. I hope we will see all your suggestions soon. 

Before I finish, though, I would just like to tell you that the motion on the sample sheet is just a joke and your motions should be sensible, realistic (that means no suggestions of swimming pools), and something that you believe we should change. For example, last year you voted to change the lunchtime bells to help keep our playground neat and tidy, as well as other great things that changed our school for the better.


Collage of photos - couch potato, beaches, lights


I know you can't wait until the holidays, but we are almost there. Any way, before I go, I would like to wish you all a very happy holiday. Enjoy your holidays and stay safe! 

P.S if you're like me you can relate to the couch potato as a holiday activity. Teachers, we hope you get some couch potato time after such a huge term of hard work educating all of us.

Leaf painting in pink and green.


Hi I am Mataya C, your Minister for Welfare. My roles are 

  • Directing students to minimize lost property and helping to distribute it.
  • Looking after children in the playground.
  • Talking with the canteen especially regarding the "Healthy Schools Policy"

And I also am responsible for keeping an eye out to make sure everyone is happy and healthy in the school so if you're ever upset, lonely or being bullied you can come to me and I will try to help you sort things out .

Summer Hill school playground.


There has been a lot of confusion about the playground areas lately so I want to help clarify. 

In this area you can see in the photograph, the equipment area, you are only allowed at second half of lunch on your grades allocated day. 

On Monday its Kindy, Tuesday is Years one and two, Wednesday is Year three Thursday is Year four and Friday is Year five and six. 

Please note; this also includes the mini grass area so when it is your day you also get the raised grass area next to the long jump pit.

Be a buddy and anti-bullying banner.


Recently we acknowledged a special day called Anti- bulliyng day. A National day where we remember to be careful how we treat each other. 

So What is a bully? A bully is someone that uses a superior strength or influence to intimidate someone typically to force them to do something. Bullying behaviour is repeated. It is usually not considered bullying if there is one event. 

What is a victim? A victim is a person that gets hurt either mentally or physically in a event or action. 

What is a bystander a bystander is someone that is present at an event but does not take part. 

What is an upstander? An upstander is an individual who sees wrong and acts. A person who takes a stand against an act of justice or intolerance. 

CONGRATULATIONS If you have ever been awarded this award. One way for the playground and classroom to be free of any bullying is if we use our MINDFULNESS. 

In Mindfulness classes over the last two years we have been learning how to control our emotions. We are learning how to feel angry or frustrated or hurt but not take this out on anyone else. As the minister for Welfare, I would like to ask you to try to remember to use your breath, pause, think about what you are about to say or do and find a positive way to solve problems on the playground. Ask for help if you get stuck. All of the Ministers behind me are available to help you try to sort out your differences.

Banner for technology report.

Good afternoon students, parents and teachers of summer hill public school. My name is Muhammad N and I am your minister for technology. My responsibilities are: 

  • Managing and assisting the technology team.
  • Updating students and staff about any changes or successes withtechnology at SHPS
  • Organising reports for the school website.
  • Coordinating the development of a school video.Here is the technology report.

Students playing with stikbot toys

Years 3,4 and 5 have been working with Stikbots alongside Mr Williams. They were displayed up on the big screen a few weeks ago and I would like to praise their creativity in the making of the video. It was a very entertaining way of livening up the assembly and I'm sure many of us were impressed by the stickbots. I definitely was impressed. 

Congratulations Years 3, 4 and 5.

Students in a class setting.


As you can see, 3MA also loved their Stikbot learning. All these projects were very creative.

Laptop screens showing apps.


This term, 6SH has been designing, creating and coding game apps using the Scratch website to create the game. The games are based on the 3 levels of government where you have to sort certain roles and responsibilities into local, state or federal government. The games are heaps of fun when trialled. They are still in development but we all know that they will be awesome once our work is finished. Be sure to check them out on the Scratch website soon.

Students controlling a white sphere using an ipad.

5AW has been working on spheros. Spheros are a robot made by Sphero the company. It is a white orb capable of rolling around and controlled using a smartphone or tablet. Here are some pictures of the work on spheros and a video as well of one in live action.

Screenshot of school website for newsletters.

This year, with the help of the awesome technology team, we will be coordinating the development of a school video. Parents and students, feel free to check the Summer Hill website for a few things that will be released including the school video, which happens towards the end of the year. We will also be organizing a series of reports for the school website to inform everyone about what is happening around the school both behind the scenes and in plain sight. This year will be revolutionary for everyone with all the new developments in technology that will be occurring.

Pine forest with sun rays through the trees.

Hello I am Alex R and I am your Minister for Environment. 

My roles are to:

  • Manage and assist the Sustainability team and the House teams for Habitats.
  • Check and report on environment issues inside and outside our school.

Ensure that environmental programs are operating effectively.Here is your report for the environment.

Hands holding seedling in dirt.

This year I have been working with a team of people trying to help make our school a nicer place. This group is called Shells. Could the members of the SHELLS group stand up so we know who it is quietly working away at environmental needs at our school. They are giving up many lunchtimes to work on our school environment. Our team is working on many things. One of these things is helping you sort your rubbish. We are also working to make lots of cut out birds for the Year 3's to decorate and hang up along the school fence to represent the native birds that we want to see in the habitat. This team is very dedicated to our school changing it for the better.

Child with binoculars, another watering soil.

Great news! You will be able to do little activities on lunchtimes from term two to help the environment! Some of these activities are gardening and bird watching. We have bought binoculars so you can see those tiny birds. We are trying to encourage small birds into our school. So if you want to do your part to help the environment, don't forget to come down and help make our school a nicer place. We will tell you how to take part when Mrs Grimmett returns next term.

Recycle bin.

So far this year the house teams for habitat scores have been very close so make sure your team wins by picking up rubbish after the third bell until the fourth bell for lunch. If you have food packaging or disposable bags to put your food in, make sure that they go in the bin instead of floating around the playground, attracting ibises and pigeons. What is even better is if you get a completely waste free lunchbox. 

Thank you.

SportHi I am Callum C, your Minister for sport. 

My job is to: 

  • Help manage the sport store room. Help the House captains to do their jobs.
  • Collect and record the house tokens each week. 
  • Report and assist with any sport issues in the playground. 
  • Organise sport activities.

Callum C

Students at the swimming carnival.

Swimming Carnival Assembly - We recently had our Swimming Carnival Assembly. Despite the gloomy weather it was a terrific day. Congratulations to all those students who gave it their best shot and to those who received ribbons. Thank you to all those teachers that helped out in the swimming carnival. Can we give them a clap. 

PSSA Summer Sport - All teams involved in PSSA Summer are playing hard and fair. Senior Boys PSSA Softball, for example, are currently undefeated! And the girls are too. 

PSSA Winter - Sports available for PSSA Winter include girls & boys football, girls & boys touch football and netball. Teams have trialled and selected. Congratulations to those successful students. For those who didn't make it, try and be resilient.

We have been earning house tokens all term for our houses. We have collected the tokens for the term but first we have to announce the winner of this week In 4th place we have Flemming with 129 points in 3rd place we have Border at 155, in 2nd place we have Campese on 159 and in first place we have Lewis with 162 points. Congratulations Lewis. 

Time for the over all winner of the term. in fourth place we have Flemming with 450 points. in third place we have Campese with 509 points. in second place we have Border with 512 points and in first place with 541 points we have (drum roll) Lewis. This means that Lewis will take part in an extended recess at the end of next week. Congrats Lewis team members and good luck to everyone next term.

Scooby Doo at the park.

Cross Country - The first day of Term 2 (Tuesday the 1st May) will be our school's cross country carnival. It will be held at Major Bay Reserve, Concord. We will have house meetings in the last week of this term. During the school holidays, it may be a good idea to go for a few runs with family or friends.

Two women rock climbing.

This term, we have trialled Indoor Rock Climbing at St.Peters Indoor Rock Climbing. It has been a lot of fun. We would like to run it again during the Winter PSSA program but only if we get enough Year 5 and 6 students signed up for it.

Watercolour in yellow and pink abstract.

Hello everyone I am Pamela L your Minister for arts and culture. Here are some of my duties: 

  • Organise mufti days and money collection.
  • Organise events involving students, staff and the community.
  • Liaise with staff and P&C to assist with the coordination of events initiated byP&C eg discos, Spring Fair.

Notice and share with you all aspects of performing and creative arts going on around our school. Here is your arts and culture report.

Sculptures of people made from foil.

SculpturesGiacometti sculptures, 5AW and 5FD have been working on some cool and creative art. They have been working on sculptures based on Giacometti sculptures by Alberto Giacometti and made it their very own.These sculptures have tall and skinny body's made out tinfoil, they have a shadow reflecting the sculpture with a pop of colour on the paper. These sculptures helped 5FD learn about how the body works. Good job year 5.

Students and instructor playing African drums.

A couple of days ago Sophia G, Sarah J, James R and Nicola S participated in the Diverse drumming workshop. They got to learn to play on an African drum. The Drumming workshop was at Annandale North Public School. Now Id like to give some special awards. 

Give these drummers a round of applause. These amazing drummers will have an opportunity to perform at Operation Art and the opera house.

Student art and writing on mythical creatures.

Mythical Creatures. Here are some examples of some of the wonderful creative work being done in Stage 3. All of 4/5FD were curious about the creatures in the Astrological chart associated with the Lunar New Year and decided to take it further and create their own Mythical creatures. Here are just a few examples of their wonderful work. Very creative good job 4/5FD.

Student artwork - minions.

Year 6 had been working on some art, but not just any art, collaborative Artwork. They had to work together to create 1 piece of art, they also had to work with others to make sure the pieces connected. They have done a great job, Good job year 6. 

Thank you for listening that's all I have for today.

Rotary dial telephone.

I'm Grace G Minister for Communications, My role is to distribute notes and newsletters. Work with office staff and report it to you and Let you know about any upcoming events. And obviously help you with anything you need that relates to communication.

Black and white title - Halogen.

Halogen. As leaders we were chosen by you as responsible students who could help to lead the school and represent your student voice. However, this does not mean that we are instantly ready for our role. One idea that many schools use to try to help their leaders to become great at what they do is to send them to the Halogen Student leader day. We went to the 2018 Leadership day last month at Darling Harbour. On this day we heard many inspirational speakers such as John Coutis, Lauren cheatle,Harrison Craig and Matt Cosgo we learnt many interesting tips about being leaders.

At this conference we heard so many inspiring messages and stories. Here are just a few. 

John Coutis - After being bullied at primary school for being disabled John Coutis decided to raise his voice and tell his story to millions around the world. Here is my favourite quote from John Coutis. 

Say what you mean and mean what you say. 

Lauren Cheatle is an Australian's women's Cricketer who started to play for Australia at a very young age. She has travelled the world for her cricket and hopes to inspire everyone to never give up. Here is my favourite quote from Lauren Cheatle. If it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you. 

Harrison Craig, Is a singer who won the Voice in 2013 at the age of 19, even though he had a stutter and to this day he still does. He still never gave up. Here is my favorite quote from Harrison Craig. Create a dream or goal and make it a reality 

Matt Cosgrove  is an author and he taught me that imagination lets us do anything.And lastly here is my favourite quote from Matt Cosgrove Fear can only stop you if you think it can. 

These amazing leaders should inspire you all. We will try to put these quotes into action in the playground, in PRC meetings and classrooms at SHPS this year.

Girl on treetop high ropes.

Here are some upcoming activities. Next term we have several Camps. 

Year 4 will be off to Narrabeen for their first school experience of camp: a day camp. We hope you love it as much as every other student who has been lucky enough to try this out. 

Year 5 will be off to the great Aussie bush camp for some climbing, kayaking, mud running and the legendary Giant swing!! Have a fantastic time all of you. Memories will be made I am sure. 

This year, Grade 6 students are going to Canberra And staying two nights at the Ibis hotel. We will be visiting a number of Locations in and around Canberra, including the Museum of Australian democracy, National capital exhibition, Royal Australian mint, Australian war memorial, Parliament house, National museum of Australia, Questacon and the Australian institute of sport. The itinerary sounds action packed and we certainly appreciate the effort that staff here have put into organising these. We recognise what a huge commitment it is for teachers to make these camps possible. Have a great time on camp! 

That is all from me today have a happy holiday. Thank you!

Abstract blue, pink, white letters.

Hi I'm Samuel H this years Minister of Education. 

Thank You all for voting for me to be in this year's Student Parliament. My role is to: 

  • Assist teachers with special school events, eg. Book Week Parade, Book Fair Harmony Day, Spelling Competitions 
  • Support the Library Monitors with their duties including hosting Writers in Residence, Education Week activities and managing library resources.
  • Collect children's work to be displayed in the school hall and office.
  • Help the ministerial team take responsibility for the flag.

Sponge bob reading a book in bed.

The Premiers Reading Challenge has been held over the last 14 years and over time attracting over 2.5 million students from all over Australia. Over 8 million books were read last year across Australia as part of this program. Each year the challenge is held at over 1000 schools nationally. The challenge includes, for 3-4 reading 20 books and 5-6 reading 20 books.

If you would like to participate in this fabulous event talk to the library and get started reading those books!

Harmony day everyone belongs banner.

On March 21st we all celebrated Harmony Day. Harmony Day is a day to celebrate all the people who call Australia home. The message of harmony day is " everyone belongs" because Harmony Day celebrates diversity and cultural difference. The international colour of harmony day is Orange, Orange signifies social communication and meaningful conversations. Harmony day is also about celebrating how multicultural Australia is and how we all bring something to this great nation. Since 1999 more than 70,000 harmony day celebrations have been held everywhere. Ways that you can celebrate include just simply having someone for dinner or going to a public event. Well done to 5BN for hosting this Years harmony Day Assembly and thank you all for participating in this years harmony day picnic where we all brought in food from our culture. 

Thank you.

Scales of justice.

My name is Max M and I am the Minister for justice. My role is to:

  • See when students are showing 3Rs and being upstanders.
  • Help out in the playground by encouraging people to play games that include everyone and if needed make rules and rosters for games like soccer.


Problem solving sign.


I am going to talk with you about something we can all do to make Summer hill the best place it can be for everyone. You heard the Minister for Welfare describing anti bullying behaviours and how upstanders can help. I would like to encourage you ALL to be Upstanders. 

What is an upstander? An upstander is someone who notices when something is wrong and acts to make it right, for example if you see someone being bullied or teased you speak up and support and protect the person who is being hurt. Even if you just see someone sad or lonely in the playground ask them if anything is wrong and see if there is anything you can do to help them feel better. An Upstander also helps remind people to take a break and calm down if they are getting angry or frustrated. They can also offer ideas for how to solve problems and what to say to do this peacefully. 

Upstander box.To recognise the great upstanders in our school and to inspire others to do the same we have an upstander box which you can find next to the trophy cabinet in the office. If you see an excellent example of upstanding, write the name of the student who was upstanding and what they did on the paper you can find next to the upstander box. It's helpful if you also include what year they are in. We would love you to write your name and year to help us track you down when you do nominations. See the photo of our box. Some examples are then chosen and they are rewarded with a feather at school assemblies. 

Let's all be upstanders! Now the Minister for welfare, Mataya and I would like to share with you all the many nominations that people have made about others being kind and helpful when sorting out problems. Please come up to receive your feathers. (Students names read out to come up to the stage, Max and Mataya hand out feathers).Here are our favourite examples of upstanders : Alessia for Claudia, Richard Y for Ben R and finally Mrs Allen for Remy and Tahli. (students read examples of what an upstander has done to be recognised).

Thank you.

Debate - hand written.




Green shrubs.



Let the debate begin!