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Secure internet browsing and email for students

The NSW Department of Education and Training provides your child with a secure Internet and email account to improve their learning opportunities in a safe environment.

We do this by providing your child with an individual username and password to login to the Internet at school. This means their access to the Internet or World Wide Web will be filtered to stop inappropriate sites from being seen.

Your child also has a secure email account which lets them send and receive written messages. It's similar to sending letters by post only it's done electronically on a computer.

This email account will belong to your child for the entire time they are enrolled in a NSW public school or TAFE college. The unique username and password your child receives will ensure that no one else can access their email account. Your child will also be protected from inappropriate email messages and attachments because we use filtering software to block them.

Will my child be protected from viewing inappropriate material?

Yes. The NSW Department of Education and Training manages web filtering to prevent students from looking at inappropriate material on websites.

How will using the Internet and email benefit my child?

Using the Internet will give your child the opportunity for research and discovery on the World Wide Web. Think of it as being able to find thousands of educational books, like in a library, but on the web in a secure environment.

By having an email account your child can share ideas and work easier with classmates on projects. Email makes communication faster and easier.

We plan to add more online learning tools to this secure learning environment in the future. (eg. BlogEd)

What should I do if I want my child to have secure Internet access and an email account?

You do not need to do anything. Your child will be given Internet access and an email account unless you request otherwise.

Can I choose not to allow my child to use the Internet and email (online learning tools)?

Yes. As a parent you can refuse your child permission to have secure Internet access and an email account.

What should I do if I do not want my child to have secure Internet access and an email account?

You should notify your child's school in writing in English if you do not agree to your child being provided with secure Internet access and an email account.

Can my child use their email account away from school or TAFE?

Your child can access their email from computers at home if you are connected to the Internet or from other locations through private Internet service providers.

The Department's website provides students with access to their email when they are away from school or TAFE.

We recommend that you install filtering software at home to stop access to inappropriate Internet sites and be aware of filtering software at other locations.

All emails will be protected through the Department's filtering services.

For further information

You can find out more about secure student Internet access and email accounts on the NSW Department of Education and Training website at, or by contacting Summer Hill Public School.


Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is a suite of resources for students to support safe online behaviour. This resource includes game-based learning, lessons, videos, and parent and teacher support materials.

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